How it all works

Are you interested in reviewing books for this blog? Please contact Susan and Stephanie to get started.

Make sure to include your preferred pick-up library.  Books will be sent through library delivery. It is ESSENTIAL that your reviews are written and submitted in a timely manner as publishers only send us the books so that we can provide reviews. We forward each review to the publisher as it is published.  Please only request the amount of books you are capable of reviewing within one month.

Once you get the books, please use the description of the ratings system and online book review form to write a synopsis of the plot or content and why you are or are not recommending it.  Make sure you address the illustrations, if there are any.  Remember to include information about identity when discussing characters and artwork: race, ethnicity, gender, disabilities, and sexual orientation.  With picture books and beginning readers, the illustrations are as important as the words.  When you’re done, the books are yours!

More Questions?

Stephanie Tournas 

Susan Harari