Berta’s Boxes / Las Cajas de Berta – Dario Alvisi, illustrated by Amelie Graux

  Berta’s Boxes – Dario Alvisi, illustrated by Amelie Graux, NubeOcho, 9788418133190, 2021

    Spanish Version: Las Cajas de Berta – Dario Alvisi, illustrated by Amelie Graux, NubeOcho, 9788418133268, 2021

Format:  Hardcover 

Rating:  1-5 (5 is an excellent or a Starred review) 5

 Genre: Picture book

 What did you like about the book? Berta is a little girl who seems so perfect. Everything about her is so neat and tidy. Her room is always clean. She is always organized. She only likes certain colors and she keeps all of her feelings in her boxes. Her parents are even proud of her and how she never shows any emotions and everything goes into her boxes. One day when she goes to school she has a very bad day. When she gets home and tries to process her day with her mom, no one pays attention to her and she gets very angry. Finally she explodes full of emotion and pieces together this BIG RED puzzle that looks like a monster. Miraculously after her complete meltdown she feels so much better. In the end she realizes it is not good to keep things bottled up. It is so important for us to express our feelings and process through all of our emotions. Now Berta wears all colors and she processes all of her emotions. When she does feel herself getting angry she takes to a creative activity as an outlet. This book is wonderful. It is full of emotion even just through the words and pictures. The pictures are cartoon drawings of Berta, her family and friends. The book is a great tool for having a conversation with children about building coping skills and how to cope when we have bad days. This is advice that can definitely be passed on to the adult reading the book as well. The other underlying storyline is the fact that the adults in Berta’s life did not initially help or encourage her to process her emotions. As adults in young peoples’ lives we have to make sure we are encouraging them to believe that emotions are okay and natural parts of our everyday lives.

Anything you did not like about the book? No. This is a great book that I plan on recommending to many parents.

 To whom would you recommend this book? This is perfect for the young reader who is learning coping skills for BIG emotions. This would be perfect for ages 3 – 7 years old 

Who should buy this book? Pre-schools and elementary schools

Where would you shelve it? Picture books

 Should we (librarians) put this on the top of our “to read” piles? Yes

 Reviewer’s Name, Library (or school), City: Rose Metayer, Boston Latin School, Boston MA

Date of review: 5/5/2021

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