Princess says goodnight by Naumi Howland

Author: Howland, Naomi
Illustrator: David Small
Title: Princess says goodnight
Publisher: Harper Collins
Copyright Date: 2010
ISBN: 9780061455254
Format: Picture Book
Rating: Good
Grades: pre-k to 1st gr
Genre: realistic


What happens to a princess at bedtime? She doesn’t merely go to bed, certainly! Rhyming couplets speculate on all that she might do, from drying with fluffy towels after a bath to hearing lullabies and bedtime stories from the court jester and bard. Cheery watercolor illustrations add to the magic of this short bedtime story, blending the little girl’s reality–her pajama-clad parents following behind her–with the fantasy of an elaborate court laid out before her. The gentle flow of the story makes this an excellent nighttime read-aloud (though there is the occasional oddly-rhythmed couplet), sure to delight young princesses and their parental courtiers.

Reviewer’s Name: Brandy Danner
E-mail Address:
Library Wilmington Memorial Library, Wilmington
Date of Review: 3/8/11

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