How to be a werewolf by Serena Valentino

Author: Valentino, Serena
Title: How to be a werewolf: The claws-on guide for the modern lycanthrope
Publisher: Candlewick
Copyright Date: 2011
ISBN: 9780763653873
Format: Non-fiction
Rating: Excellent
Grades: grades 5 -8
Curriculum Framework: Mythology
Genre: Myths and legends


This book is total fun! It is divided up into three sections: Book 1 guides you through all the characteristics of werewolves including how to tell if you are one and famous werewolves.
Book 2 deals with your make-up, clothes, dwelling, music and much more!
Book 3 deals with the history, including present-day, of werewolves.
A glossary and bibliography are included.

Reviewer’s Name: Katrina Yurenka
E-mail Address:
Library/City Perkins School, Lancaster, MA
Date of Review: 2/25/2011

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