“The Ruby Notebook” by Laura Resau

“The Ruby Notebook” by Laura Resau
Delacourt Press, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-385-73653-4
Format: Book
Rating: Good
Grades: 7-10

Zeeta has lived in 16 different countries by the time she turned 16 years old. Using different colored notebooks to record her feelings and thoughts for each country has helped guide Zeeta through the constant changes the moves have generated. Now living in Aix-en-Provenance France, and using a ruby notebook for her writings, Zeeta has confusing feelings of love for a dashing street performer named Jean-Claude and for Wendell, the incredibly handsome teen she’d met in Ecuador a year earlier, who is coming to France for the summer. To add to her confused state, she is getting secret messages and gifts from a phantom admirer while longing for the father she never got to know.

Wendell and Zeeta agree to help an old couple find a fountain of youth guarded by a secret group of Celtic gypsies, and find themselves drawn into a mystery that has eluded searchers for centuries. “The Ruby Notebook” is filled with French phrases and descriptions of France, which would be excellent to use with a French class. Included at the end is a full glossary of French words, with pronunciations and definitions.

Reviewed by Alma Ramos-McDermott
Library Teacher; Pollard Middle School, Needham, Massachusetts.
October 9, 2010

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