The Farseekers by Isobelle Carmody

Random House 2008
ISBN: 9780375857683
Format: Fiction Paperback
Rating: good
Grade: 7-10
Genre: Science Fiction
Elspeth’s story continues in this second volume of the Obernewtyn Chronicles. Now that Rushton is the master of Obernewtyn, those with Talents (psychic powers) have organized themselves into guilds and all are working to find and rescue more Misfits like themselves before they can be caught and burned by the merciless Herder faction. When Elspeth accidentally locates a very strong, rogue Talent, representatives of several of the guilds put together a joint expedition both to seek out this Talent and to find an Oldtime library said to be located in the same general vicinity. The journey is long and dangerous and filled with many potential threats: from tainted ground, from Henry Druid and his men, from the Council and from the Herders. All hope that the journey will be worth the price which, hopefully, will not include any of the guild members’ lives.
Isobelle Carmody continues her series with another strong installment. Elspeth is older now and much freed from her mistrusting past, but she remains a strong and interesting character, even more so due to the new vulnerabilities she possesses now that she has made friends. The plot is exciting, filled with twists and turns and unexpected pitfalls. Information about the disaster, the “Great White,” which poisoned their world, is slowly being pieced together – the final truth, no doubt, to be revealed towards the end of the series.
Reviewer: Liz Manning
LibraryCity: Beverly Public Library
Reviewdate: 5/16/09

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