Amelia's Guide to Babysitting by Marissa Moss

ISBN: 9781416950516
Format: Graphic
Rating: excellent
Grade: 3-6
In her latest guide installment, Amelia turns her attention to baby sitting. When her best friend Carly suggest that go into the baby sitting business together, Amelia gets a little apprehensive. Whenever she gets nervous, she creates a guide. Her guide to baby sitting includes several quizzes to see how you rate as a baby sitter. Trying to convince Amelia and Carly that baby sitting is not all what it seems to be, big sister and bigger pain Cleo gives them one of her clients, the Reeses. After a wonderful experience with the Reeses, Amelia goes confidence and their baby sitter business expands. However, after one difficult job, Amelia and Carly second guess whether baby sitting is the career for them.
The story is told in graphic novel format. The notebook style is cute and enhances the story. The pictures of Amelia’s older sister Cleo are particularly hilarious. For the girls who love Judy Moody, the Ramona books, and Clementine, Amelia is the perfect character for them. Amelia’s Guide to Babysitting is the ideal book for the 3rd grader that will read just about anything and the reluctant 6th graders.
Reviewer: Katie Cerasale-Messina
LibraryCity: AC Whelan Elementary Library / Revere
Reviewdate: September 18, 2008

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