The Book of Wizards by Michael Hague

 The Book of Wizards by Michael Hague – HarperCollins, 9780688140052, 2008

Format: Hardcover

Grade: 3rd Grade and Up

Curriculum Framework: English

Review: Do you think you would be clever enough to outwit a witch who wanted to boil you alive? Do you think you would ever be courageous enough to take up a quest in order to defeat the dragon that terrorizes kingdoms? Would you ever be able to win the hand of a beautiful princess? In this magical anthology Michael Hague has selected stories from Shakespeare to Homer, Arthurian legend to tribal folklore. The nine tales will immediately capture the imagination of any reader as soon as they open the cover, and Hague’s beautifully detailed paintings only add to the richness of the stories. I highly recommend this to any young or adult magic lover. The book would make a worthy addition to any library, school, or even person collection.

Reviewer: Kim Barker

Library City: PIL/Danvers, MA

Review date: 7/24/08

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