YA Fiction – Snowfall by K.M.Peyton

Houghton Mifflin Copyright Date: 1994
ISBN: 0-618-73742-1
Format (Check all that apply): Fiction, Paperback
What grade(s) is this book appropriate for: 8 – 12
Life was like that; everyone loved the wrong person, who loved someone else, or didn’t love at all. Charlotte, having grown up in a vicarage, had not seen much of the outside world or known much of love but she knew one thing, she didn’t want to marry for a reason other than love. When her grandfather declares his arrangement for her to marry a man she has no feelings for, she knows she must escape somehow and finds a way when her brother says she can come on his trip to the Swiss Alps with him. The group that they travel with becomes close very fast and seem unable to accept the fact that they will need to leave each other eventually.
Charlottes leaving home and finding such things as love, adventure, and beauty in the world are superbly told by K.M. Peyton. An excellent story of old-fashioned romance and loss, of a young girl growing up and finding her way, Snowfall is a tearjerker but a lovely story.
Reviewer: Ashley
Library / City: Haverhill
Date of Review: May 12, 2007

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