Ophelia by Lisa Klein

  Ophelia by Lisa Klein, Bloomsbury, 2006, 1582348014

Format:  Paperback

Rating : Good

What grade(s) is this book appropriate for: 8 – up

Review: In the book Ophelia, we watch the main character of Shakespeare’s Hamlet take a step back and let someone else take center stage, that person being Ophelia, his only love, of course!
Lisa Klein, the author of Ophelia, did an incredible job of taking a famous play about Hamlet, and flipping it to tell the story of Ophelia. In this twist on Hamlet, you get to see Ophelia in a whole new light.
Ophelia’s story is filled with love, bravery, twists and turns. Once you read this book, Ophelia changes from Hamlet’s weak love interest, into a strong women that could handle anything thrown at her. This book makes you wonder if there was more to the love story between Hamlet and Ophelia, and it makes you believe that there most definitely was.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves Shakespeare. This book changes the story while keeping it the same, so it will satisfy all sorts of readers, such as ones that havn’t read Hamlet, as well as the ones that have.
Read Ophelia, and you’ll never regret it!

Reviewer: Noelle
Library / City: Haverhill, MA
Date of Review: May 11, 2007

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