The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson

519he8aqdflPenguin, 2006
ISBN #:0670060550
Format:Hardcover Fiction
What grade(s) is this book appropriate for: Gr. 7-10
In the second Forensic Mystery by Alane Ferguson, Angel of Death, high school senior Cameryn Mahoney assists her father, the coroner, at the death of one of her teachers. The teacher died in a mysterious way, stumping the coroner, sheriff, medical examiner, and others involved in the case. In the meantime, Cameryn is having a difficult time emotionally, as her long absent mother has contacted her, requesting Cameryn keep their communication confidential from her father and grandmother. Cameryn begins lying to and distancing herself from those closest to her. Kyle O’Neil, a classmate of Cameryn’s, who discovered the body, seems interested in dating Cameryn. Cameryn is unsure whether she can handle any more emotionally. She uses Kyle’s support and the mysterious death as her mental escape from the concern of her family and friends.
Reviewer’s Name: Christine Burke
Library/City: Rockport HS/MS Library
Date of Review: 02/09/07

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